happy april fools day every1
hows every1 today?
Thank you! I'm stupid amounts of excited!!!
welcome to the guild Jeri.
good to be here with you guys
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Website Overhaul!

Schaffino a posted Mar 8, 14
We are currently in the process of rebuilding the entire guild site. Keep checking back to see what's changed.
Hello and Welcome to the Gear Grinders' website.
We are a Lv25 Casual Social Guild in our fourth year. We have over 300 characters in the guild spread across 50 active players. We are looking for people who like to have fun and help each other. We routinely run dungeons, scenarios, and LFR together. We provide guild repairs for all members, new and old. If you obtain a new piece of gear and are looking for gems and enchants, we're more than willing to help.

We are home of the Dwarven Exiles, which is a 10man raid team. They are currently 13/14 in SoO10 Normal.

If this is the type of guild you're looking for, fill out an application and give us a try. If you are new to Enjin, they will ask for your email on the form to join the Enjin Website. This information won't show to anyone other than Enjin.
Welffmagewelfhunter on a kiddy ride lol
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